A Semester of Study!
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A Semester of Study!<br>Save $71

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    A Semester of Study!
    Save $71
    Vol 1 of "Ten Steps - A Course in Botanical Art, Volumes 1-12"  is a 'how-to' book on the fine art of botanical illustration with historical background and art and book supply information. This five-class study format is perfect for all levels as it lays the foundation for a wonderful study of the French Court Tradition of botanical art and illustration.  Book comes with Course Material Pak in support of Volume 1 - Botanical Drawing  I which contains full picture layout of study process and presentation as well as other helpful information.

    Vol 2 of "Ten Steps - A Course in Botanical Art, Volumes 1-12"   is a 'how-to' book on the fine art of botanical illustration with reference to Monocotyledons, Dicotyledons, and Composite Flowers including the study of leaves, dissections, and geometric forms all presented in a five-class study format.  Book is accompanied by the Course Material Pak in support of Volume 2 - Botanical Drawing II providing a host of information on plant morphology and further instruction.

     Perspective Without Pain by Phil Metzger provides an easy and fun way to learn perspective.  The simple and clear exercises open doors of understanding that help students understand how to translate three dimensions (height, width, and depth) onto a two-dimensional surface of paper 
    with only height and width.  Clear cut lessons help the student flower!!!

    The Perplexi ® is a visual aid to understanding dimensional concepts like foreshortening,
    perspective, and proportion.  It is a modern adaptation of earlier inventions developed around the 15th Century. Leon Batista Alberti created the "Alberti's Veil."  The grid concept was used by many artists, including Leonardo do Vinci [1452-1519], Jacopo do Pontormo [1492-1557], Michelangelo Caravaggio [1565?-1609] Albrecht Durer [1471-1528], and many other artists during and after the Renaissance.

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    1. Drawing Book Volume I
    2. Drawing Book Volume II
    3. Course Companion Manual Pak #1
    4. Course Companion Manual Pak #2
    5. Perspective Without Pain Book
    6. Drawing Tool Perplexi
    7. Large Canvas Academy Bag
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