Learn to Draw with Perspective!
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Learn to Draw with Perspective!<br>Save $45

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    Learn to Draw with Perspective!
    Save $45
    Vol 1 of "Ten Steps - A Course in Botanical Art, Volumes 1-12"  is a 'how-to' book on the fine art of botanical illustration with historical background and art and book supply information. This five-class study format is perfect for all levels as it lays the foundation for a wonderful study of the French Court Tradition of botanical art and illustration.  Book comes with Course Material Pak in support of Volume 1 - Botanical Drawing  I which contains full picture layout of study process and presentation as well as other helpful information.

    The Perplexi ® is a visual aid to understanding dimensional concepts like foreshortening,
    perspective, and proportion.  It is a modern adaptation of earlier inventions developed around the 15th Century. Leon Batista Alberti created the "Alberti's Veil."  The grid concept was used by many artists, including Leonardo do Vinci [1452-1519], Jacopo do Pontormo [1492-1557], Michelangelo Caravaggio [1565?-1609] Albrecht Durer [1471-1528], and many other artists during and after the Renaissance.

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    1. Drawing Book Volume I
    2. Course Companion Manual Pak #1
    3. Drawing Tool Perplexi®
    4. Perspective Without Pain by Phil Metzger
    5. Large Canvas Academy Bag
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