Perplexi ®
Perspective Drawing Aid

Perplexi &reg;<br> Perspective Drawing Aid

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    Perplexi ®
    Perspective Drawing Aid

    "I know from experience that the methods artists use have a profound direct and
    instant influence on the nature of the work they produce."
    David Hockney, Artist/Writer

    The Perplexi ® is a visual aid to understanding dimensional concepts like foreshortening,
    perspective, and proportion.

    It is a modern adaptation of earlier inventions developed around the 15th Century. Leon Batista Alberti created the "Alberti's Veil."

    The grid concept was used by many artists, including Leonardo do Vinci [1452-1519], Jacopo do Pontormo [1492-1557], Michelangelo Caravaggio [1565?-1609] Albrecht Durer [1471-1528], and many other artists during and after the Renaissance.

    The Perplexi® Kit contains:
  • A Wood Block 7 5/8" Wide x 7 5/8"Long x 3/4" Thick.
  • A 12" Square Sheet of Plexiglas®.
  • A Vis-a-Vis Washable Marker.
  • 4 Grids (2) paper and (2) plastic film.
  • Instructions: "Un-Perplexing the Perplexi®" by O.M.Braida©
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