Studio 20 Four (4) Saturday Classes with Review & Grade

Studio 20 Four (4) Saturday Classes with Review & Grade

    Price: $595.00

    Code: S20-4SAT

    Studio 20 Four (4) Saturday Classes with Review & Grade
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    Studio 20 Saturday Classes are available at various times during the year. Saturday Classes run from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Please check our monthly schedules on this website or in our FREE Monthly Newsletter, call 941-953-9999 or email us to confirm availability. This is an open enrollment class where students can work on drawings, watercolor, pen & ink, or colored pencil. For a more outlined program discuss your goals with your instructor and remember to ask about our various tutorial volumes written by O.M. Braida. Tuition includes Class Registration, Review, Grade. This is a 16-hour program. Supply Lists available upon request.

    Recommended Academy Course Sequence

    Botanical Drawing I; Botanical Drawing II; Botanical Watercolor I; Botanical Watercolor II; Research on Internet; Botanical Drawing III; Botanical Drawing IV; Botanical Watercolor III; Pen & Ink I & II; Plant Morphology; Botanical Drawing IV; Business of Art; Electives*.

    *Note: Electives can be taken intermittently or at the end. Inquire about applying previous life experience toward your elective credits.