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Alpinia purpurata Papilio aristodemus Theobroma cacao Colmanara Wildcat
Nelumbo Baby Doll Lotus Charadrius alexandrinus Florida Butterflies Malus domestica
Magnolia x soulangiana Magnolia grandiflora Liriodendron tulipifera & Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill Laeliocatteleya (Lc.) x
Vanda roebelingiana x Vanda lamellata Sabal dominguensis Cubanola dominguensis Guaiacum sanctum
Eugenia axillaries Peperomia Sp. Amaryllis,sp. Viola tricolor
Coccoloba uvifera Malus baccata Vitis vinifera Vitis, sp.
Diospyros kaki Linn Metopium brownei Prunus insititia Citrus sp.
Anemone sp. Alstroemeria aurea Malus domestica Rosa sp.
Bursera simaruba Tulipa, sp. Laeliocatteleya Quercus, sp.

Ananas sp.
Fine Art Botanicals
at the OM Art Gallery

"The use of techniques, past and present, together in the genre of Realism,
reveal two sides of an image: tranquility and passion
With each work an expression of space exists
somewhere between thought and action.
The moment is the final outcome,
a freedom flowing from surrender."

O.M. Braida