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Left Panel 30"w X 61"H Center Panel 48"H x 61"H Right Panel 30"w X 61"H

"El Guardián de la Casa"

Guaiacum Officinale (L.) Lignum vitae
Watercolor, Arches 300-LB CP

This large triptych painting (108” wide x 61” high) is from the “The Gardens of Casa Guayacan” collection commissioned by Theodore W. Kheel as part of the Punta Cana Foundation/Cornell Biodiversity Study of the Caribbean Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

"I am proud to say that my home in Punta Cana has been enriched with the magnificent paintings of flowers in our garden you created for us. Many, many thanks." - Ted Kheel, New York, NY 2004

Pierpont Morgan Library Review
New York City, 2002

“Ms. Braida’s work is truly dazzling. [Her collection of paintings of the Gardens of Casa Guayacan in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic] are as large as the Audubon drawings, but apart from him I don’t know of any pre-20th century artists who worked in as large a format. Impressive!

Kathleen Stuart,
Assistant Curator,
Department of Drawings and Prints
The Pierpont Morgan Library

"El Guardian de la Casa"
by O.M. Braida

Twists and turns of life
Knots of indecision, decision,
overlapping fears and joys.
The spotted leopard watchful,
the guardian of our dreams.

Our shell of existence
Solid trustwrothy lasting.
It stands despite the fall.

Beneath the branches of the trail
No frail wire weaves within the loom
An iron core - God's umbilical yarn
Stands protector,
guardian of the house.

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