Instruction Books & Paks

The OM Art Instruction Books, Volumes 1-12, offer complete instruction on the art of botanical illustration in drawing, watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencil, and plant morphology. The Course Companion Paks #’s 1-16 are designed to accompany the books and are recommended to students who wish to take full advantage of the teachings. Course Pak #11, accompanies Volume 11, but it instructs on the Professional Portfolio required for final certificate presentation; Course Pak #3a teaches students how to complete Research on the Internet. This research course is a prerequisite to Drawing III & Course Pak #3b. Course Paks 12 (Colored Pencil), 14, 15, and 16 (courses on plants groups) provide students with 60 elective studies to complete certificate requirements, or can be enjoyed for their own personal enjoyment. Both the OM Art Instruction books and their accompanying course paks can be purchased individually. However, purchasing the set of books and paks (Volumes 1-12, Course Paks 1-16) together represents a substantial savings on books and shipping.

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